Friends and Lovers our News:
Music: Brendelson first EP is out, they will play at the 22nd at the Überseefestival 2020 / Vania This Is first song this week on Spotify / rinoville musicvideo is out and the 2nd comes up next month.
Theater: Vania This Is and An Z Brendel will play at the 28.7.20Kultur erleben – Kulturamt Bremerhaven JeanTardieu-Der Schalter / Leif Scheele plays Theater Kulturkate Die Insel / Martin Radecke plays in August Neues Globe Theater Der tollste Tag
Literatur: Arthur Schnitzler Radioplay with An Z Brendel and Vania This in September/Oktober (more details soon)
Stay strong and healthy Friends, times will change sooner or later! yours xx Kulturkokotten



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